Quality. Smart. Green.
…what we will know best, what we will do best.

Cummings Custom Homes, the experiment for which it is, is a betting company. We wager that if we offer value that it meets your emerging needs, you will not only buy it, but you will choose our product and service over others. A developing need is a need that you do not know you have until you become aware of its lack of satisfaction. Essentially pull-demand; where you desire something after you see the benefits of having it.

High-performance homes are a relatively new concept. Frankly, many home shoppers are unaware such homes exist and are able to reach the performance levels achieved. Simply through changing particular design elements, construction techniques and material choices, we are able to engineer our way to significant reduction in energy usage and expenses. Imagine a 3,000 (total) / 2,200 (living) square foot residence in South Florida with utility bills of Not More Than $80.00 – $90.00 per month, granted a single-story home, no swimming pool, 2-persons in household, normal lifestyle. Intrigued? So are we!

High-performance homes, despite their reverence are not all that we offer in terms of a difference between Cummings Custom Homes and other homebuilders. Our homes feature a proprietary combination of quality features, smart capabilities and green innovations that provide an exclusive lifestyle unlike any other on the market. It is notably the crux of our brand and value proposition to you, our potential Client. Please read on to learn more.

Quality Features

By “Quality” we mean features that are undeniably and universally recognized as such. It is kind of like you know it when you see it. We are talking about construction that is engineered, inspected and certified, with a resulting Certificate of Occupancy issued by local City Building Construction Officials upon completion. Not very different from any other homebuilder; however internally, we utilize a uniquely comprehensive and rigorous 250-point validation inspection process that is above and beyond the industry norm for a quality assurance program. We offer a 10-year Builder bonded structural warranty; a 2-year mechanical warranty; a 2-year Builder carpentry warranty; and a 1-year appliance warranty, all standard on every house.

Also standard is a selections design consultation, where our designer partner will spend the time necessary with you to ensure your new residence is personalized and meets your every design and functional taste. Our intent here is to make certain that the house you have chosen to purchase is made your home—befitting of who you are as an individual. Moreover, we include a 90-minute interior decoration consultation, where our decoration partner will spend the time necessary to ensure your natural and free sense of expression and self comes alive in your new living space.

Our homes come with metal framing throughout, which minimizes the threat, hazard and expense of dealing with termites, especially in pan-handle states like Florida. We include a full appliance package, to include the (1) refrigerator, (2) wine chiller, dishwasher, (3) microwave, (4) stove / oven, and (5) food processor. Impact windows are also standard, except where economically infeasible. For example, the sliding glass doors separating the living room and rear lanai. Concrete Block System (CBS) construction is the norm for South Florida, as is a Truss Roofing System (TRS) specifically engineered for each homebuilding project, based on location and proximity to the ocean.

We include certain architectural aesthetic features that define our brand like: 10’ ceilings for that voluminous look and feel; 42” kitchen cabinets for maximum storage space and capacity; and open-concept floor plans that affords opportunity for communication, closeness and connection. Specific to our brand, we provide a foundation-bolted safe so you may store your valuables and precious documents. Our homes offer dual master walk-in closets for Him and Her, amply spaced for all things worn and stored. Large and plentiful windows litter the exterior walls throughout, bringing in tons of natural light and fresh air, if desired. Premium finishes include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, artistic tiling with mosaics, high-end door hardware, electrical and plumbing finishing fixtures, under-cabinet lighting, crown molding and more. We even install a 70” tilting television wall mount and a 7-speaker surround sound system within the family area.

As you are starting to appreciate, we are serious about the value we offer. Nonetheless, we are just getting started. At Cummings Custom Homes we have an entirely different idea of what quality is and how quality should be presented. There are many features that are simple and obvious that homebuilders may add to their value proposition; but for whatever reason they choose not to. Perhaps it is the complexity, non-scalability or even the cost associated that deters them from offering more to potential Clients. We are determined to earn your business, and we commit ourselves to being the homebuilding company known for giving you more, and for trying harder.

Smart Capabilities

When we present to you a home that we consider “Smart” we mean business. Home automation technology is a budding field that is beginning to show much promise and potential. We are talking about ultra-high speed broadband internet service, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, etc., that will work synergistically to better your quality of life, home enjoyment and your living experience. Most homebuilders refuse to engage because not only do they not understand the technology, but they believe the dust is still settling in the industry. While we agree that things are still being figured out, we certainly do understand the future, as it continues to evolve daily. Maybe it is a generational thing, but we are not intimidated by change. We embrace it. We hope for it. And because we are not fearful, we are able to more responsive than other homebuilders. We acknowledge, understand, adopt and implement new technologies into our value proposition without hesitation or trepidation.

Point blank, we create smarthome solutions that are incredible and are unlike any offered by other homebuilders in terms of depth and breadth. Don’t believe us? How about a thermostat that is programmable, yet is capable of learning your routine and schedule, and adjusts itself autonomously to anticipate your needs. How about a fully WIFI-enabled, smart-phone administrated, multi-point (1 – 5 cameras), indoor / outdoor home surveillance system that uses batteries that last up to one year without recharging. Our standard homes come with USB / 3-prong outlets throughout for easy cellular phone charging because everyone including our kids has a cellular phone these days. We partner with professional security companies to install a home security and alarm system that will be professionally monitored and administrated.

For your convenience we include remote garage entry access control so you can let someone into your garage to borrow a tool despite not being at home. A biometric access control device on the front door allows you, your family and guests access into your home. Our master bedrooms provide dual surround sound speaker and LED hue color-changing lighting system for those most intimate and romantic moments. We also include solar panel and electric car electrical conduit pre-wire in an effort to future-proof your residence and save you money in the long run. Fiber optic wiring to the main living area also comes standard in an effort to ensure that you are prepared for what is coming with technology and communications.

Not all of what we offer requires new technology; many are simply the utilization of existing technology, just in smarter ways. For example, the exterior lighting of our homes calls for motion sensors in the rear and daylight sensors in the front. While the interior lighting of our homes calls for motion sensors in the kitchen and hallways, timers in the bathrooms, dimmers in the family, living and dining rooms and smart switch lighting in the bedrooms.

As a company, we consider ourselves Early Adopters of technology. We commit ourselves to always, always monitor the landscape and vet all potential advancements to determine the viability of being included within our smarthome solutions. We will never be left behind. We will always provide you with the latest, most cutting edge smarthome solution.

Green Innovations

“Green” living entails minimizing the carbon footprint or overall impact homes and your family has on the environment in terms of natural resource consumption, waste production, pollution emission, energy usage, etc. All of which affect the planet not only on a micro level, but most importantly on a macro level. As a company, we have prudently thought through the many ways a home and family can exist more harmoniously with the natural environment. Note that not a single homebuilder fails to offer their own vision on what green living looks like; however, we are fairly confident that ours is better and more thorough. We have taken the time to understand, select, adopt and implement a series of innovations regarding design and construction, as well as building materials and supplies that afford us a strong position in the green homebuilding space. We are not behind the curve, catching up; we are at the ahead of the class, leading the way.

From site clearing, we make it a point to save as many existing trees and shrubbery as possible. These trees provide great shade, wind blockage and a natural habitat for insects and animals alike. We also install natural fences composed of trees or shrubs, which eliminates the need for artificial fencing and allows animals unrestricted traverse. Our landscape designs involve the use of native-Florida trees, plants, flowers, etc., that are drought resistant and adapted to the Florida climate and soil composition. As part of the landscape design is a drip irrigation system and / or a watering optimization system installed to provide water only when and where needed. We provide an “R” insulation rating of at least 9 for exterior walls and 38 for ceilings, not to include over the garage and patios. Worthy of note, the ceiling insulation is comprised of cellulose, which is safe, allergen-free and nontoxic. All appliances are Energy-Star rated at a minimum; and all cabinetry is made of real wood and not synthetic or processed materials that use harmful chemicals and toxins during the manufacturing process.

We utilize an on-demand water heating system or ultra-efficient water heating / heat pump hybrid system. All water faucet fixtures throughout meet the water-sense standards; and all commodes employ dual-flush water rationing technology. The HVAC system is ultra-efficient, sized-right (typically calling for only 2.5-ton vs. 4-ton) and earns a 16.0 SEER Rating. Our floor plan designs make extensive use of windows to maximize natural lighting and pathway corridors to emulate the natural circulation and flow of air. Venting systems in the kitchen, utility room and bathrooms vent directly outside, discouraging the need to use harmful chemicals to freshen the air.

The lighting system is not only smart, but designed to save you money on your energy bills. In short, light is used when and where needed and affords a keen balance between autonomy and control. Depending on the taste of the Client, natural, sustainable hardwood may be selected for flooring throughout as well as for kitchen cabinetry and / or accent areas. Our homes come with several ceiling fans that serve to maximize air quality and circulation. Also standard is a 6-month supply of the highest quality rated HVAC air filter on the market to ensure that your family breathes the best air possible.

Quality, smart, green is our chosen core competency. It is what we will know best; it is what we will do best. What we have described in detail above is truly the beginning. There is an ULTRA version of the same, packed with even more features, capabilities and innovations that will put the unique lifestyle we offer on steroids. We are determined to differentiate ourselves from the remainder of homebuilders. We really are. We really want to change the industry. Continue to read through our website or visit one of our sales centers to learn more about the value we provide. Allow us the opportunity to earn your business. …expect more from a homebuilder!

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