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Company News

      • Extensive market research and circumstances has identified Port Saint Lucie, Florida as the prime location for our startup. Moderate barriers of entry, land prices, proximity to support, population growth, and other variables were all considered to make this decision.

        Without holding back, we are proud to announce that as of this date we officially own a total of five (5) in-fill, non-platted lots, all within the Port Saint Lucie city limits: four approximately .25 acres and one a little over .33 acres in size. A listing of the lots is detailed, for your review. Please feel free to locate each address on the map application of your choice.

        Cummings Custom Homes, LLC All rights reserved 2016.


      • Humble beginnings indeed. We finally got serious about organizing ourselves and decided to buy both a trailer and truck. Funny things is, we acquired the assets in that order.

        The truck is not too shabby, 2016 Chevy Silverado, V6, crew cab. The trailer we outfitted to serve dual purposes: Company Mobile Command Center (MCC) a/k/a Office and Tool Storage. Granted this experiment called Cummings Custom Homes, we concluded that it would be best to strictly limit our operational overhead and expenses. We also figured that mobile operational control will provide a huge advantage.

        Cummings Custom Homes, LLC All rights reserved 2016.


      • We are very proud to announce that we have selected a project for our first new construction home. The Cordina Floorplan will be built as a spec home for sale at 3801 SW Ruark Street Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953. The expected timeframe for completion is approximately 4 months, August 2016.

        Please feel free to visit the actual site to witness the birth of our company; the experiment for which it is. We hope that you will appreciate our ideas for the next generation of homebuilder. Also, feel free to follow our progress online on this project and others via our website or social media outlets.

        Cummings Custom Homes, LLC All rights reserved 2016.


      • Establishing ourselves as a homebuilder for our nation’s military, those currently Serving and those having Served, was truly important to us. There is no better way to repay those that have Served than by serving them in return.

        We just received this notice from the United Stated Department of Veteran’s Affairs that our application to be a preferred homebuilder for veterans has been accepted and approved. We are more than excited.

        Please feel free to check out Cummings Cares to learn more about our pledge and commitment to our Veterans.

        Cummings Custom Homes, LLC All rights reserved 2016.


    • Every once in a while something happens to you that makes all the pain and anguish of life seem all but worth it. Today we received word from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation that Cummings Custom Homes, LLC was awarded the Certified Residential Contractor business license. We are now officially able to conduct business in the State of Florida. We are more than grateful.Saying that earning the license, going through the gauntlet of trials, was difficult would be a great understatement. Well earned and well deserved.

      Cummings Custom Homes, LLC All rights reserved 2016.


Sponsored Events

    • A Brush with Kindness is a Habitat for Humanity charity initiative, a part of their Home Repair Program, that assists disadvantaged homeowners with interior and exterior cleaning and painting. You would be amazed what a fresh coat of paint can do to make a house a home again. All paint is donated through the Habitat for Humanity Restore Program. All supervision, coordination and labor is supplied by volunteers. Hence, we need your help!
      Please feel free to attend our Cummings Gives event and lend a hand with a brush for a great cause! Hope to see you there!

      2513 Avenue F Fort Pierce, Florida 34947 | Saturday, April 23, 2016 at 0900

      Cummings Custom Homes, LLC All rights reserved 2016.


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