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In the event a ready-now home in one of our sprouting communities or established neighborhoods is undesired, Clients may opt to take advantage of our Build On-Demand program. Building a home on-demand is not a new concept. There are many others that offer their own version of the service. However, at Cummings Custom Homes, Build On-Demand means something holistically different. Before we explain, first of all, understand that building an on-demand home for you is the ideal opportunity for us to meet and exceed your expectations. This is your creation; we simply manifest it. With that stated, our program differs from others because it entails three ways for which we may absolutely serve you.

Your Lot – Your Plan

The first, Your Lot – Your Plan, allows you to take advantage of the quality, features, design and experience that we have built, which constitute our brand. Clients will not only own a home, but they will own a Cummings Custom Home, which speaks to the pride we have as soon as we engage the project. You have gone above and beyond to ensure that we are a part of your homebuilding experience and for that we are honored.

Your Lot – Our Plan

The second, Your Lot – Our Plan, affords you the opportunity to call one of our amazingly thoughtful designs, home. Another high tribute a Client can give, it means that you appreciate the dedication, the care, and the passion we have for what we do. We see it as recognition of our taste, style, artistic expression and overall vision for home design standards, modern living and lifestyle, and for that we are grateful.

Our Lot – Your Plan

The third, Our Lot – Your Plan, gives you the exclusiveness of residing within one of our communities. Carefully calculated, our community locations are ideally nestled within close proximity to schools, shopping, transportation, leisure and entertainment—all the things unique to Cummings Custom Homes and Cummings Community Development. Much thought, analysis and debate goes into choosing precisely where we build communities and offer homes for sale. We see Clients choosing to live within our communities as a compliment and validation that our values are in the right place and for that we are committed.

Understand that even if you choose this Build On-Demand service, the same guarantees apply regarding our focus on providing you with the most positive homebuilding experience possible. We have a reputation to earn and uphold. You will see that our dedication will speak for itself; which is why our Client Lifecycle Support program, to include our After-Sale Support, our Structural, Builder’s, Mechanical, etc., Warranties, and our Cummings Cares commitments will remain the same whether a Ready-Now, Custom Build or Build On-Demand home is what you decide. Shall we begin?

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