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Home Style Inspiration

Our extensive research supports Client design taste moving away from the all-too-common Mediterranean style home in South Florida to the more modern, contemporary, Tropical style home. Characteristic of this style home are:

  • (1) the use of bold and vibrant, pastel colors for different exterior features and accents;
  • (2) sharp, modern corners instead of arches;
  • (3) large window square foot area in the front and rear for natural lighting and a sense of bringing in the outside world; and
  • (4) the use of metal roofing systems. You will find that all of our designs have been influenced by the tropics and the island vibe.

The flow throughout the home and in and out of the home bolsters an entertainers lifestyle, with family, friends, relatives, all frequently visiting to experience your comfortable living and company.

With us, many amenities come standard, where as others prefer to nickel and dime you with upgrades. We are offering lifestyle, for example:

  • (1) full outdoor kitchens, with gas BBQ grill, sink and refrigerator installed;
  • (2) kitchen areas designed to function as an eating area as well as a place to host conversation with drinks in hand;
  • (3) large, sealed lanais that are covered with either roofing or shading material to allow comfort outside without the South Florida sun; and
  • (4) a top-tier home speaker system that will bring any party or get-together to life with surround sound for television or the clarity and crispness for music outside.

These are just a few of the features that will get you to appreciate the uniqueness of our brand and our concept of value.

Floor Plan Design Inspiration

When selecting and designing our floor plans there are certain qualities that we tend to lean towards. First of all, we prefer symmetry, balance and a layout that centers the home on the entry, foyer and immediate family or great room area. From the center, the home naturally expands, both left and right into the various areas we gravitate to when we desire solitude. One essential feature of the centeredness of our design is the ability to see straight through the home to the backyard area from the front foyer. We love the vividly visual and calming effect seeing the beautifully landscaped backyard has as soon as you enter the home. You have arrived.

Second, we favor open floor plans, with a confined space so everyone feels the presence of one another, yet large enough of an area that everyone is able to do their own thing. Sort of a disconnected interconnection of lives. As a family-oriented business, we strive to stimulate conversation, connection and memories. The demands of the modern lifestyle require more space than a decade or so ago. Our homes, even the three bedroom floor plans are arguably larger than average. We slightly exaggerate our spacing because not only is it more comfortable, but it is also reflective of how people expect to live.

Lastly, we are drawn to large and abundant windows throughout, particularly in the front are rear of the home. Windows, properly placed and sized, give a sense of class, elegance and sophistication. Our room layout must support an intuitive flow of traffic throughout the home. Access to the backyard from the master bedroom is ideal, also is access to the bathroom from the backyard. Walk-in closets are mandatory, as well as a fluid room (study / den / extra bedroom) that may be re-purposed according to your changing family needs.

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Preferred Home Designs – Builder-Selected

La Moure Floor Plan 2164 Living / 3553 Total SQFT 4 Bed / 2.5 Bath

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The Cordina Floor Plan 2200 Living / 3000 Total SQFT 4 Bed / 3 Bath

  • lb1

The Montepellier Floor Plan 1885 Living / 2685 Total SQFT 3 Bed / 2.5 Bath

  • lb1

The Brittany Floor Plan 1872 Living / 2556 Total SQFT 3 Bed / 2.5 Bath

  • lb1

The Miranda Floor Plan 1620 Living / 2390 Total SQFT 3 Bed / 2 Bath

  • lb1

The Marquise Floor Plan 1620 Living / 2390 Total SQFT 3 Bed / 2 Bath

  • lb1

The Alsace Floor Plan 1555 Living / 2275 Total SQFT 3 Bed / 2 Bath

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