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Mission Statement

We want to evolve the concept of value within the homebuilding industry to make quality, smart, green homes the standard and expectation.

Business Philosophy

We are a 3BL or triple-bottom-line company. What this means is that we measure our success according to three dynamic and converging metrics: people, planet and profit. Stated as a single word: balance. We believe that it is not only possible to balance company goals across these metrics, but doing so is superior to others that do not. It is time to be responsible in how we conduct business and look not only at the first order-of-effects of our actions.The social bottom line (People) involves creating a business model that centers on partnership with local government, economic assistance agencies, charitable groups, and building contractors and suppliers that work together to provide a quality product with social value in mind.The ecological bottom line (Planet) pertains to the business choices made in the design of offerings, technology leveraged, materials used, processes employed, and even the management style that places value on the preservation and conservation of Earth’s resources.The economic bottom line (Profit) entails running business operations in positive financial territory to ensure the continued existence of the entity as an employer and a reasonable return to owners and investors, however not to the detriment of People and Planet.How we conduct ourselves matters; the type of world we leave behind for the next generation matters; curbing greed matters. Self-restraint not only is the right thing to do, but is essential if we are to make a lasting and positive impact on this world. All we have to do is give a little to get a lot in return.

Company Core Values


We are an organization of excellence from the top-down, and we do not fail or disappoint.

Community Investment

We relish the opportunity to contribute to a better, stronger, safer community where we serve.


We always, always put the expectations, interests and satisfaction of Clients first, no matter what.


We are highly responsive, always monitoring and reacting to changes in the business environment.


We temper, negotiate and mediate the unique and separate demands of people, planet and profit.


We redefine the concept of value from a home builder, and we provide the highest value in the industry.

Continual Improvement

We pride ourselves on perpetually learning and improving on business processes and construction methods.


We take calculated risks with advancement in mind; we are champions of change; we are the tip of the arrow.

5-Year Goals


We would like to make good on our pledges to give to the communities where we serve by giving time, money, opportunity and giving back to those serving and have served militarily. We would also like to gainfully employ at least 10 people, full time.


We would like to streamline the home building process to be the most effective and efficient possible, minimizing waste (time and materials) and our operational carbon footprint. We would also like to forge unwavering relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, partners, whom align with our core values and business philosophy.


We would like to sell, build and close on at least 200 homes. We would also like to expand into the subdivision market tactically and the Orlando and Tampa markets strategically. Lastly, we would like to turn a profit every year and by the 5th year hedge our company against economic downturn, while positioning ourselves to take advantage of such circumstances.

Organizational Leadership

1Christopher R. Cummings
Chief Executive Officer / President
Founder and Owner of Cummings Construction Services, Inc., the parent company of Cummings Custom Homes, LLC, currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President.

In 1999, Christopher worked with a major telecommunications company for 5 years as a project manager, supporting the sales and implementation of information technology outsourcing solutions. Market and life circumstances lead to his transition to real estate in 2005 when he started a New Jersey-based real estate services company, Cummings Real Estate Services, LLC (CRES, LLC). CRES, LLC focused on purchasing, rehabilitating or renovating single and multifamily residential properties, and offering said high quality housing to the disadvantaged populous of Newark, NJ. After 5 years and achieving a peak of 18 Clients, across 9 residential rental properties, Christopher took a hiatus from real estate to (1) pursue higher education and professional certifications, and (2) serve with the United States military. In 2010, during a time of war, Christopher joined the United States Army by accepting a commission of Engineer Officer. Six year later, in 2016, after successfully completing countless missions and a deployment to Egypt as part of the Multinational Force Observers (MFO) mission, he decided to resign as Captain and redirect his energy towards his original passion for construction and residential housing.

Christopher holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in dual majors Marketing and Psychology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. He also holds Master’s of Science degrees in both Information Management and Construction Management, which he earned from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ and Florida International University in Miami, FL, respectively. Christopher is currently a candidate for a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. In terms of professional certifications, Christopher has earned the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from the Project Management Institute; as well as the OSHA 30-hour course certification from the Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. He, lastly, earned the Certified Residential Contractor (CRC) designation and license from The State of Florida.

Christopher has always had a genuine passion for construction and residential housing. After earning both technology and construction advanced degrees, he aspired to merge the two disciplines together to create a next-generation product and service to offer in the marketplace. Around this time, green homes, then smart homes began to hit the market and early adopters further matured the demand—despite both trends being in their infancy. The two were mutually-exclusive; in fact builders remain cautious to provide combined packages in their home offerings. Seeing a resulting niche market opportunity, Christopher decided to do the contrary. Hence Cummings Custom Homes, LLC was incorporated; the experiment for which it is, offers a unique and proprietary combination of quality features, smart capabilities, and green innovations in every home, standard.

Christopher J. CastagnoChristopher J. Castagno

Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President

Christopher J. Castagno currently serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.

Christopher commissioned into the United States Army directly after graduating from The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina in the top 10% of his class and as the number one graduate in his academic department.  During his four year tenure in the Unites States Army, he was a leader, trainer, and manager of multi-faceted operations, logistics, and personnel management for countless military drills, training operations and a deployment to the Middle East in support of the MFO mission.  Upon resigning his commission, Christopher became a highly successful corporate territory sales team manager in the field of regenerative biologics within the medical device marketplace.  During his time in sales, he grew his territory from 57% to over 109% and developed an unprecedentedly large network of trusted physicians within an aggressive timeframe.  In May of 2016, Christopher accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President within Cummings Custom Homes, LLC. 

Christopher holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Pre-Law, from The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina.  He has also completed numerous business professional development and health care, industry-specific programs; as well as various military training courses aimed at developing our nation’s next generation leaders.  To list a few of each respective category: (1) Harvest Terumo BCT Sales and Leadership Academy, (2) Harvest Adipose / Bone Marrow/PRP Processing Training, and (3) Armor Basic Officer Leadership Course, (4) Unit Movement Officers Logistics Course, (5) Environmental Compliance Course.  Christopher is currently a candidate for the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from the Project Management Institute.

Christopher has always had an exceptional talent and absolute passion for leadership and operations.  Execution is his thing.  A consensus-builder by nature, he possesses the adaptability, discipline, interpersonal skills and single-mindedness to accomplish any task, no matter the complexity, no matter the unfamiliarity.  As a business leader, Christopher shattered the sales commission compensation plan of a large, multinational medical supply and instrumentation company within the first three months of employment.  In the military, Christopher lead teams, small and large, through some of the most arduous tactical dilemmas and taxing operational missions.  In both college and high school, he excelled not only academically, but with sports, particularly football, and pushed towards mastery with multiple athletic hobbies (power-lifting, to name one).  He is a natural leader, an operational genius and genuine good guy.  Christopher met Christopher Cummings (CEO) in the military and immediately took affinity to his vision and focus to a life after the Service.  When Christopher Cummings began Cummings Custom Homes, Christopher was the first person in mind to bring onboard. 

Christopher J. CastagnoEric Reikenis

Vice President of Sales Management

Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President

Eric was born and raised in South Florida, along the east coast. A proud Florida-native, he has had the blessed opportunity of tracking and living through the explosive growth of one of the nation’s most beautiful and desirable regions. He grew up fishing in the Intracoastal Waterways and the Atlantic Ocean, playing at the beach, boating up and down the Loxahatchee River and enjoying Florida’s unique lifestyle with family and friends. Hands down, Eric knows South Florida like the back of his hand.

At the age of 18, Eric began a career in the physical therapy industry where he helped people overcome occupational and recreational set-backs and meet their personal, quality of life goals. After helping thousands gain improved or regain their normal body function and movement, Eric realized that with patience, determination and perseverance, anyone can conquer the most debilitating of circumstance. A lesson that would prove vital in the years to come. After 17 years, in 2011, it was time for Eric to reach for a personal goal of his own: business ownership. Specifically, within the real estate industry. A perpetual student of life and zealous advocate of doing right by people, Eric was dismayed by the recent economic recession and its detrimental effects on South Florida homeowners. A solution immediately came to mind: a real estate team that (1) leads by the examples of honesty, integrity and loyalty, (2) values the continued relationship of Clients, and (3) puts the interest of Clients first and self-interest second. Thus, the Titus Team Real Estate Group was born.

Anyone that knows Eric knows that the Titus Team Real Estate Group is really a prelude to his own brokerage firm; however as Eric would say “slow is fast and slow is steady”. Today Eric has a growing team of real estate professionals trained to help Clients buy or sell residential real estate in South Florida, his-way or the high-way. His team is highly motivated and hard working, but more importantly, eager to listen and learn from their Clients, and look at every potential transaction as an opportunity to provide the absolute positive experience for everyone involved. Evidence-based practice, empirical market data analysis, multilingual capability, retained earnings and investment–Eric has truly built a business model that works and works well. Within his five years of experience he has already earned the award of Certified Top Producer Group from Atlantic Shores Realty Expertise, a top-tier real estate brokerage firm in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Eric met Christopher Cummings online during his initial research of the Port Saint Lucie market. A–then–aspiring developer, Christopher was elated to find a like-minded, young, energetic, brilliant and focused individual like Eric, and upon meeting in-person, immediately offered a partnership opportunity. In addition to leading the Titus TeamReal Estate Group, Eric works alongside Christopher to guide all residential sales and sales-related activities for Cummings Custom Homes, LLC.

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